Mous-icorn Mix Up Party

As little Ellanor was approaching the big 5 year mark, she hadn’t gotten unicorns out of her system. And why would she? Why would anyone ever be sick of unicorns? When we turn 100 we might have to throw a unicorn themed party, just because! So we decided instead of completely repeating her 4th birthday, we incorporated Ellanor’s two loves and intertwined them into a ‘Mous-icorn’ mix-up party to celebrate her 5th birthday.

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Full Steam Ahead

Graham’s birthday was on the right track to being the great party train express! But one week before the big day, Surae injured her knee in a skiing accident which could have derailed the entire celebration. But Lucie and Gray rallied! With a few adjustments and McCall to the rescue, we pulled off another memorable day for this boy!

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Ladybug Lucie: 2

Summer is essentially here, and it's no surprise that the season is an ideal time for outdoor gatherings. And even better for those whose little's have summer birthday's!

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Lucie + Gray