L + G: One Year

Happy birthday to us!

november 9

Today Lucie + Gray turns ONE! Happy birthday to us!

Birthdays have a straightforward way of reminding you just how quickly a year goes by… and looking back on it all is truly a thrill. Since our launch day, we’ve had so many adventures and made even more memories. See for yourself right here on our blog!

Lucie + Gray has been effortless from day one, but we couldn’t do it without your support. So thank you for following our journey. The people we’ve met and connections we’ve made along the way have brought smiles to our faces. And the stories you’ve shared with us about YOUR friendships, even rekindling old ones, have humbled us.

Friendship, is what this is all about. So we encourage you to surround yourself with those friends who bring light to your life. Spend a lot of time with them and love them fiercely. Because it will change your life... trust us.

Here’s to another fun filled year! The best, is yet to come.

Check out our full photoshoot at this spectacular spot with Victoria Andreozzi.

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