DIY gallery wall

Have you ever found yourself staring at a space and immediately became overwhelmed with the thought of 'filling' it? It could be an area as small as the surface of a shelf, or as grand as a great. big. white. wall. In either case, starting from scratch can be daunting.

In our case, our empty space WAS a great big white wall, in Surae's living room.

There it is. A huge area stretched out between the charcoal, velvet tufted sofa and the vaulted ceiling.

"It's really a perfect place for a gallery wall," McCall said.  So in typical Lucie and Gray fashion, we embarked on a new project!

We had an incredible space to work with, truly the possibilities are endless with a blank canvas of this size. Not overwhelming at all. And no pressure, right?... since it's only the wall that EVERYONE sees, in the room we spend the MAJORITY of our time in, every. single. day.

But you know what? With the help and expertise from Rod Works our gallery wall was fairly a breeze and so fun to do.  

Click the 'play' button (in the center of the photo) below to see a time lapse of our gallery wall!

HOW to create a gallery wall



There's no way this project can be completed in one day, but that's the fun of it! We worked on it piece by piece throughout the course of about two weekends. You have to factor in measuring, shopping, hanging, choosing pictures, and high-fiving in between nailing each hole in the wall. ;)


Choose an overall 'theme' that fits your space. We went for a farmhouse look.


The majority of our picture frames came from IKEA. They have a variety in different sizes and designs. We love these white and cream, simple frames and a few 'fancy' ones, like this big 19x19 oval which is definitely a statement piece.

There really is no way to tell how many frames you will need to fill your space, so we suggest buying whatever speaks to you in the midst of shopping! It's better to have a lot and a wide variety to play with because you can always return what doesn't work later. 

Also, color is huge! And again, it depends on your space and style. You can mix and match colors, or stick to one color or palette. We chose to stay neutral for a clean, crisp look. 



Surae knew she wanted to incorporate more than just photos on her gallery wall, so this is where the step of adding other home decor came in. Once we had our picture frames we took a trip out to Rod Works in Lehi to get a little help from Jordan Robinson, who we must say is a doll!

Click the 'play' button (in the center of the photo) below for our walk inside the store with Jordan and how we found one of our favorite centerpieces.

We felt it helpful to go in with a couple ideas in mind, of what we would like to hang with our frames. Pinterest is exceptional at giving some good ideas, and that's how Surae got her heart set on a big clock! The fun thing about our shopping trip was that because of Rod Works' unbelievable variety, we happened upon other great finds, like the windowpane mirror Surae spotted. Everyone at the store was phenomenal and ready to give suggestions. Kathy even came with a drill in hand to take the mirror down for us and get it all wrapped up for the trip home. We also found the 'family' definition framed piece. Then a spontaneous splurge, we saw the word 'H O M E' hung vertically on a wall and fell in love. This can happen a lot at Rod Works and you'll find yourself asking yourself 'now where could that go?' because you'll want to take the whole store home with you! 


There's nothing more priceless than your child's artwork, so why not hang it up to showcase? We found burlap accented canvases at Hobby Lobby and let the kiddos get creative using only black paint to keep with our neutral look. They add just the perfect, personal touch and it's something they can be proud of too!

Have you heard of the #hobbylobbychallenge ? We tried it during our shopping trip! Click HERE to see how it turned out. 



Once we got home with all of our treasures, we measured the approximate space we wanted the gallery to take up on the wall. 110" x  62" to be exact.

Use ribbon for a placeholder and lay that on the floor to get a good visual of the space you have to work with, and arrange the frames and other decor. This allows you options to move everything around how you like it without poking unnecessary holes in the wall.  The HOME letters ended up on the opposite side from our initial placement. So did the clock, 'family' frame and 'L.' Just check out the changes we made below.

Once you get a good idea of how you'd like it, you may find you might not have everything. For instance, we decided we wanted to add a small wreath and a few smaller frames in the open space we had left. We found this cream 10" mini dried Shola wreath at Target and small 'fancy' frames at HomeGoods.

After that, we were set! This is the fun part. Mirror exactly the set up you had on the floor. And with each nail and step you can see the project come into fruition. So exciting! Keep in mind, you may get different placement ideas as you begin hanging, so go with the flow... and don't hesitate to grab a friend! Hearing another perspective can be useful. Thanks to Leslie for letting us pick her brain one night. 

Once everything is up on the wall, you can get your pictures printed. You can, of course, get them printed well before everything is hung up, but it's the order that happened for us. We originally thought we would do all black and white photos, but once we printed a few and put them in the frames, we didn't like it and added the color. The biggest road block of this entire project was honestly just CHOOSING which photos to use and getting them printed out in the right size. Luckily, a few trips to Costco did the trick! But trust us, it may take a few tries to get the photos just right.

A few tweaks, changes and adds here and there, after everything was hung and... VOILA!! 


Have you ever created a gallery wall? We want to hear your experience! Share with us in the comments below!