Unicorn Party

It was a dream putting this party together for Ellanor's 4th birthday.


Whether you’re turning 4 or 40 who wouldn’t want a unicorn party?


Meriel Frandsen made THE most incredible cake. It was spot on. We still can’t get over just how beautiful it turned out. Pastel pink, lavender and mint green-- the colors were exactly what we had envisioned. The detail on this unicorn cake was INSANE! From the gold horn, hand painted ears and eyelashes to the mane, you just can't take your eyes off of it. Gorgeous! It was THE best, sparkling touch that brought the level of celebration to incredible heights. We didn’t even want to cut into it, it was so beautiful. But if we hadn’t, we wouldn’t have seen all the FUNfetti, sprinkled inside. Contact Meriel for your custom cake at mmmdessert2@gmail.com and see more of her amazing creations on Instagram: @mmmdessert.

Achieving the magical, dreamy look is all in the details. So let’s start with the kids table.

A standard for a Lucie party, are milk bottle drinking glasses. To give them a magical touch, dip melted Wilton chocolate around the top, then roll it onto a small bowl of sprinkles. These sprinkles came from Michaels. What’s great at this store is you can make your own variety by choosing individual packets for $1.00 each. We used a mixture of pink, white, yellow and gold.

We found pink, starry plastic straws at Target and stuck unicorn stickers on them for the finishing touch. Matching plates and gold plastic silverware also came from Target.




Let your imagination run wild with all sorts of desserts.

We used a mold to make the unicorn horn topper for the mini funfetti cupcakes. Some recipes call for fondant, but it wasn’t working so we stuck with what we had, Wilton chocolate. Use a chopstick or small tool to place it in the mold. To set the chocolate quickly, you can put it in the freezer for a minute. Unfortunately, there’s no quick way about it. We had to do each horn one at a time! Then sprayed them with an edible gold mist. 

Our sprinkles looked so pretty on the milk bottles, we couldn’t resist putting them on practically everything else! Ice-cream cones, wafer bars, and unicorn pops.

What's a unicorn party without rainbows? We spread Wilton chocolate in funfetti on graham crackers, which acted as a glue for our mini marshmallow clouds. Top them off with Airhead slices to make the rainbows. 

We made simple bites for the kids which included peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into the shape of clouds (from our cloud cookie cutter). If they look familiar, good eye! We used them for Graham’s vintage airplane party. We also used a unicorn cookie cutter (you can find on Amazon) for the watermelon.

Another easy and reusable element to give your party character is chalkboards! 

For the sweetest past time, we filled a unicorn piñata (from Target) with candy, slime, and Play-Doh. It doesn’t seem like a celebration without a piñata or what Ellanor calls a 'Pee-Ah-Ta!' Insider tip, the slime seemed to be the biggest hit, especially because of the surprise unicorn toy inside.

For more fun, a unicorn pool floaty was used for a ball toss game.

Of course party favors are optional, but we always like to send our guests home with a little something that matches our party theme. So for this party, we got unicorn headbands from Target, which the kids loved to wear during the party. Then we filled sheer, pink organza bags with pearly chocolate balls and a My Little Pony from the Dollar Tree. Kids also went home with a miniature unicorn stuffed animal from Oriental Trading.


Ellanor won't soon forget this party. She'll be dreaming of dancing with unicorns for quite a while.