Hall of Breakfast

Have you heard? There's a bright, cheery, interactive pop-up art experience here in Salt Lake City called the Hall of Breakfast

We took a walk through the exhibit yesterday and want to give you a peek! So pour a glass of milk and we'll take you on a tour into the interactive rooms that celebrate the best and most important meal of the day.

Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey! 

To the sunny side up, egg gummies and egg corn hole tosses, every nook and cranny offers a snap shot into all things breakfast. Including bacon. Because it just makes everything better. Lights are even available to grab that picturesque pose. 

Breakfast is art! That's toast... REAL toast! But we'll refrain from eating it.

Wanna Spoon?

Yes please. ;)

We captured one of our FAVORITE pictures in the confetti room... our favorite space in the Hall of Breakfast! 

And as you can tell from their faces, the kids got a kick out of throwing handfuls of fake sprinkles all over! 

Donut Worry, Be Happy! 

Another delightful stop was lounging with hole foods, stacking those delicious confections high and swinging on the sweet treats. It's all up to the imagination.

The pinnacle of it all... was the Fruit Jungle ball pit. 200,000 white and pink balls provide so much fun! The kids didn't want to leave. And to be honest, we didn't either. 

#HOB is here in Salt Lake City for a limited time, through July 9.

Don't wait, run! to the Hall of Breakfast at The Gateway and get snapping!