Full Steam Ahead

Lucky number 7!

Graham’s birthday was on the right track to being the great party train express! But one week before the big day, Surae injured her knee in a skiing accident which could have derailed the entire celebration. But Lucie and Gray rallied! With a few adjustments and McCall to the rescue, we pulled off another memorable day for this boy!

The kids table was adorned with decorations to include engineer hats, red bandannas and train whistles. They dressed the table and made for fun party favors. IKEA candle lamps with twinkly lights were used as center pieces.

Our last minute change, instead of baking our own birthday cake and cupcakes, we called on the bakery at Harmons Grocery to make it easy. They turned out great, delicious and very reasonable.

What we did put energy and effort into were these cute rail cars that carried all the cupcakes! Graham crackers, KitKat bars and mini York Peppermint Patties ‘glued’ together with icing.

Then we made the non-edible rail cars and filled them with a variety of other treats for the kiddos to snack on.

The party was simplified but we still kept a few thoughtful details.

We also called on Taylor’s Traveling Troupe to bring in the entertainment. Bunnies, reptiles and a sugar glider captured the kids AND the adults attention!

Lucie and Gray may have hit a slight bump in the road but we still stayed on track for a fun filled celebration with lots of friends!

Happy Birthday Graham!

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