Mous-icorn Mix Up Party

As little Ellanor was approaching the big 5 year mark, she hadn’t gotten unicorns out of her system. And why would she? Why would anyone ever be sick of unicorns? When we turn 100 we might have to throw a unicorn themed party, just because! So we decided instead of completely repeating her 4th birthday, we incorporated Ellanor’s two loves and intertwined them into a ‘Mous-icorn’ mix-up party to celebrate her 5th birthday. This was a lot of fun. Throwing a mix-up party gives you a lot of freedom and leeway on ideas and design decor.

Let’s start with the cake! Have you seen anything more adorable? Decorated with pink rosettes, Minnie Mouse ears and face, gold unicorn horn, and pink polka dot bow.


The masterpiece done by Sweet Kate Bakery. Surae’s never been so nervous driving four miles from Katelyn’s house to home with a horn that tall. And cue the panic… in the 100 degree temp, the horn completely bent! It was full on crisis mode as Surae stood with the refrigerator door open, holding the golden spike! But we decided to remove the horn and place it in the freezer and that did the trick!

Starting days in advance with the small details is key! Surae started with the candle vases, which you can find all types of at the Dollar Tree. Three tall glass fixtures would be the center pieces on the main kids’ table. Using Mod Podge to glue the gold glitter then attaching tulle in the shape of a bow made it feel elegant. Stick a candle or battery operated one to illuminate any table.

The milk glasses were dressed up with pink ribbon. Attach it with a glue gun and add a little gold glitter to make it sparkle. And don’t forget the chalkboards! They add a special, decorative, and creative touch!

The treats were easy to make and delicious to eat! The Minnie Mouse Oreos are simple. All you need is double stuffed Oreos and mini Oreos. Cut toothpicks in half to hold the two mini cookies on the large one to make the ears. Then with pink icing make the bow and add white pearl candies to give it an extra touch of cuteness. We did Rice Krispies dipped in strawberry flavored Wilton Chocolate and again, added (larger) white pearl candies. Everyone loved them!

Other mousy treats… we used unicorn and Mickey Mouse cookie cutters, from Michaels, to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Always a solid staple when you have a house full of children.

Our favorite thing to make was the homemade veggie platter. We were all set to buy a big tray at the grocery store, but by making it yourself you can not only save a little money, but also personalize it with your own spread of veggies and dips. Trust us, you get more bank for your buck and it’s prettier! For $10 at Lucky Supermarket you can get a large bag of small and colorful peppers, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli. We added some wine cheese also, and piled the veggies high on a cutting board with 3 dipping sauces: Ranch and two types of hummus. Also at Lucky, we bought 24 cupcakes with strawberry whipped frosting for just $9! We gave them our own touch with the pearl candies on top.

A piñata and a few fun activities kept the kiddos occupied outside. Nothing like some bubbles, unicorn crayons and tattoos to make you smile. Even the moms and dads had to get tatted with some type of horned animal. We especially liked the kitty-mermaid-unicorn one from Oriental Trading. And on a hot day, how about a large inflated unicorn sprinkler? Just $30 dollars at Michaels!

We had a blast and so did the kids. It might have been the touch of magic dust!

Happiest birthday to our unicorn, Minnie Mouse loving girl.