Lucie and Gray got inked!

Well, the semi-permanent kind... for your eyebrows.

So what's all the craze about? What's the big deal about microblading? Let us tell you and begin with the fact that you can literally roll out of bed with your brows on fleek WITHOUT touching a single hair, pencil, stick or gel.  Looking polished as can be with zero effort? Now THAT'S a darn big deal. 

We had both wanted our brows microbladed for quite some time because let's be honest, 'drawing' them on each morning was a real chore. So when we started looking into who would make that semi-permanent mark on our faces, we were going to do our research. Now what we uncovered on the dark side of brow blading, would cause anyone to raise both their eyebrows.

Did you know you don't have to be certified to microblade? It's an industry that's not highly regulated yet, which means the possibility of shoddy equipment and infections if you don't go to the right person. Luckily we found the right person.

Mallory Carter of Luxe Brows Microblading has logged well over 100 hours of microblading and completed 40 hours of curriculum and work on human models.

"It's upsetting to know there are no regulations. I've heard of some horror stories," Mallory explained. For example, she told us some people get their supplies from eBay. Yikes! Mallory says professional microbladers should not cut corners, especially on the inks, blades and recovery/healing products. Mallory uses specialty, high grade products such as this tattoo lotion (below) and inks. Any product that touches the skin, blades and the instrument, she says, are used once and tossed out to prevent any cross contamination and infection.

Needless to say, we felt we were in good hands. 

No two eyebrows are alike.

We had to allot 2.5 to 3 hours for our first combined appointment.

A lot of skill and talent goes into the microblading process! From analyzing our individual bone structure to the hair growth pattern, every aspect of our brows was taken into account to create the shape. With a pencil, stencil, and measuring unit, Mallory drew the outline of our perfect brows. Once we approved the shape it was go time, and a topical numbing cream was applied. 

Mallory does everything manually, no tattoo gun. With 12 needles to the blade, she makes each cut individually, then paints the ink on top. Once the first pass is complete, she proceeds to numb your brows throughout the process.   

Expect some bleeding and minor discomfort at times. Although, we both felt little pain and hardly bled! Mallory even told Surae, "really, you're just set up for perfect microblading." 

McCall got a red pigment wash at the end to make sure it doesn't stain gray, which can be common.

When we were done, we were so happy. You do have to be very careful the first two weeks after your microblading. The key is to keep the eyebrows moist with the special balm in between cleanings with the provided solution and to keep sweat and water away from the brows as they heal. There will be peeling and fading but then the color returns.

Once we hit our 2 week mark, we both felt we could go thicker and darker. Good news is, your first touch up appointment (included in your original booking/payment) is waiting for you 4 weeks after that!

Mallory said she likes to err on the conservative side the first time around. You can always make your brows thicker and darker as needed during your 6 week touch up appointment, so start small and go big later!

Through THICK and thin. Real friends are with you through all your eyebrow stages. 

Here we are 8 weeks later and we couldn't be happier with the transformation! And we're even happier to offer you $50.00 off Mallory's services when you mention 'Lucie and Gray' when booking your appointment, which you can do so by calling (801) 708-9801. She is conveniently located in Sugarhouse, Utah at the Beauty Bar. To see more of her incredible before and afters, visit Instagram: @luxebrows.ut or Facebook: @LuxeBrowsMicroblading.

We want to hear from you! Have you considered microblading? Tell us in the comments below or on our Instagram: @lucieandgray !