Wildflower Wall

'In a Field of Roses... She is a Wildflower.'

Our living room gallery wall turned out so beautifully we thought we'd give it another whirl on a much smaller scale for Ms. Ellanor Keng Lucie. Her bedroom needed personality and frankly, some sprucing up. As McCall said, 'it looked sad.' So off we went, onto another project!

We used the same concept of buying a few items that spoke to us AND a 3-year-old with a little tude.

Your best bet for frames in various sizes and designs are IKEA, Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. We had a variety of 4x6s, 5x6s, a 4x4 and a round frame. Don't be afraid to experiment with decorative, plain and different shaped frames and always buy more than you need so you can see what you like best for placing. You can always return!

To start, we used the floor as our canvas just as we did with our first gallery. This allows you to fully rearrange your gallery how you see fit without poking unnecessary holes in the wall. You'll be surprised how much switching around you do. Since we were only dealing with 6 frames and a much smaller wall though, we did forego measuring. Risky business! But eye-balling worked out just fine for us novel folk!

Below is a list of where we found all the decor that completed Ellanor's bedroom makeover!


  • Small frames for the wall


  • Side-by-side quote artwork
  • Pink magnolia wall flower
  • Small frames for the wall


  • Rose gold mirror
    • We couldn't believe it was only $3.00! Don't you love those baskets of affordable knick knacks right when you walk in? Some things catch your eye and you have to buy!


Browse different canopies and furry foot stools to fit the color scheme of your room.



  • Rose gold clock


  • Small frames for the wall and large frame around the swan
  • Faux fur rugs, placed under the canopy

At the end of the day we kicked our feet up, literally, and enjoyed the welcoming, adorable and cozy result.