"you will always be...



Call it what you will, two girls from two different worlds:

Pines and palms.

Rocks and seashells.

Lakes and oceans.

Surae roamed Ala Moana beach under coconut trees while McCall wandered through aspens in the Manti-LaSal Mountains.

That day we met such a short time ago, who knew we'd become fast friends... best friends. But even when we thought we hit the jackpot, little did we know we were destined for something better,

S  O  U  L     S  I  S  T  E  R  S

Because, fate.

We're not connected by bloodlines, but by choice.

We are our chosen family.  

Have you ever experienced it? Someone who had a deep understanding of your spirit, your intentions, and who had your back no matter what? We have. And with that, along with an endless number of many other wonderful things, comes sharing the same laughter, ups and downs, tears.... and of course, the same lipstick. We're pretty much the same dress, just different colors.

This was all new to us and we quickly realized that WE ALL need more of THIS-- a feeling of connection, female power, confidence booster, positive energy, love. If you've achieved this... it's one of the greatest feelings you'll ever know and you'll quickly realize you've become one of the lucky ones too.

Always be mindful that the one thing that is more important than our time is the people we spend it with. So when you find your person, love them fiercely. 

Together, we're stronger than facing the world alone, so be a light bringer, a game shaker, a world shifter.

Whether we're sharing stories or things we love, we make sure our light shines in this space where we celebrate our friendship.

 love, light and laughter.

L + G.

. . . . .