Easiest holiday app

When it comes to holiday parties, there are two types of people. The entertainers, and the goers.

The entertainers are the gatherers whom you could easily relate to the Whos from 'The Grich That Stole Christmas.' Let's be honest, these people highly succeed in the planning department! They're the one's who send out the evite weeks in advance or if they felt real ambitious this year, you will have already received a festive, premium quality paper invite in the mail. Their house looks like it could be featured in a Hallmark Christmas movie and the spread of food and treats shaped into Santa's and snowmen mimic ideas from their 'Holiday Party' board on Pinterest. There is no cutting corners with that title. 

Then we have the goers. They're the people who would rather not spend the full day of the party cleaning every corner of their house just to have it get dirty again 5 seconds after guests step through the door. Now they're not to be confused with the Grinch, for several reasons, but one being they're very polite. If someone else offered to host the holiday party for all of your closest family, friends, your friends' boyfriend and probably his neighbor who will bring their cousin because why not and they have the room, well... why would you step on toes during the holidays? 

Oh, and don't forget the dog... it couldn't be left home alone. 

Okay we're cracking ourselves up! Long definition short, whether you're hosting or going, appetizers are a must have amongst the spread! So, we've done you a favor and shared our favorite appetizer that is SO simple for either the host or the guest to make!

You only need these 3 'ingredients,' all conveniently located at Trader Joe's. 

  1. Pita bite crackers
  2. Fig butter
  3. Brie 

Now pay attention because we tend to lose people in the directions...

  1. Place brie on a plate and microwave for about 10 seconds until barely melted.
  2. Spread brie on pita cracker.
  3. Spread fig butter on top of that. 
  4. Eat 13 crackers by yourself and ENJOY, because they are the yummiest. Oops, you don't have any more room on your plate, or in your stomach? But wait... there's the dessert table.

What kind of holiday partier are you? Tell us in the comments below! We find ourselves somewhere in the middle of 'yeah, our house is clean enough' and 'well if you insist... what can we bring?' If you have an appetizer you think we should try, drop that down below as well and as always, share this post with your friends!