The #1 kid gloves

What are the best infant and toddler gloves? We've found the answer.

Mother Nature decided it was time to gift us with a little snow in the Salt Lake Valley, finally! But our lack of a ‘white winter’ is no surprise because unusual weather is typical for Utah. That’s why we have to always be prepared for anything she sends our way. 

So it’s winter, it’s cold, and you’ve got your baby or toddler all bundled up like Randy, from A Christmas Story, ready to go outside but… what about those 10 tiny fingers? How do you keep those warm? 

We tried mittens, but you know the frustration of guiding their small thumb into its rightful spot, every parent has experienced the struggle. Even if you are successful, how long can you really keep them on until your sweet pea flicks them off?

And regular gloves? Forget it. Getting each of their fingers into their proper place is near impossible. Especially when they are squirming and pulling away from you because they don’t want their hands covered in the first place!

But if you were brave enough to try, you most likely realized after placing four fingers correctly that you were actually off, one. whole. finger. Though in all reality, you probably stopped trying after two fingers landed in one spot.

So… after getting baby Ellanor through several DC snow storms and now, half a dozen ski ventures, we FINALLY discovered a solution! 

The game changer?

No-thumb mittens for children under 4 years old!

There are several brands to choose from but we found a brand new pair of the SnowStoppers Kids Waterproof Stay On Winter Mittens in XS at local consignment store, Kid to Kid, for only $12.00, but you can also find them on Amazon. They truly stay put because of the extended sleeve that goes up the forearm. Just make sure to put them on before their coat. 

Ever since we’ve converted to no-thumb mittens, we’ve actually gotten out the door with zero complaints or pushback, which parents as you know, is a delight in itself. 

Have you tried no-thumb mittens? We want to hear what works for your littles. Tell us by commenting on our Instagram: @lucieandgray !