6 comforts for colds

Grab the tissues, cue the cough... we've been sick!

Does it surprise us that we both came down with colds at the same time? Not. At. All. Because when you see each other practically every day, it's kind of a given. We're not pointing fingers at which one of us was so nice to share with the other, but *ehem,* Surae... 

Hi lovelies, Surae here!

I'm totally taking credit for us getting sick. Sadly enough, this is the second time this season that I've come down pretty hard with a cold and both times now McCall has given me these brown pills (you take 5 at a time) that she swears by, to get me on the mend. Leave it to my non-Chinese soul sister to find the herbal Chinese remedy to kick a cold! 

Turns out 3 generations of the Gray's swear by Seven Forests' Ilex 15 and Evergreen's Herbal ABX and now I'm a believer. Mama Gray buys them at her local acupuncturists (QiWorks), but you can order them online too.  

Forget the over the counter products, we're all for the more natural route!

So here are 5 other things that make us feel a little less miserable and a little more comfortable during a cold.

  1. Homemade chicken noodle soup and plenty of liquids (water and ginger ale).
  2. One of my go-tos is the Bigelow Cold and Flu Soak Herbal Formula. I pour 4- 6 capfuls in a hot bath along with some lavender bath salts and ahhhh, relaxation.
  3. We love the Vicks vaporizer with the liquid steam and tab treatments.
  4. 12 hour nasal spray. So you can keep breathing out of your nose like a normal human.
  5. Thieves essential oil on the bottoms of your feet at night.

Let's be real. Having a nose that is so stuffy and congested to the point where you can barely breathe out of it is absolutely miserable! That's why we wanted to tell you about our MOST favorite home remedy... the neti pot! 

Yes, it may be a little gross to some, but to those who are truly dedicated to clearing your airways... you do what you gotta do! Trust us, this is the quickest way to clear those sinuses and prevent possible infection. Once you're all cleaned out, then you can use remedy #4 to feel like a completely new person!

Pick up a neti pot at your local health food or drugstore. They come with solution packets but we like to make our own. Check out the recipe below, and be sure to use pharmacy grade essential oils. 

And as the saying goes, when you're sick, rest is best! Do these things, and soon enough you will be on the mend!


Homemade solution. 

-Courtesy: Grandma Danna 


Mix 2 Tbsp salt to 1 tsp baking soda. Add 1 drop rosemary essential oil and 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil. Put 1/8 tsp of the solution in your neti pot and mix with water. (It's best to use distilled).